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Piece de Resistance Special Edition CD

Piece de Resistance Special Edition CD

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Jenny Haskins Piece de Resistance Special Edition CD

Foundation/paper piecing is loosely defined as patchwork piecing following a numbered base foundation patchwork design. When I first discovered this, many years ago, I used a stamp which I stamped over fabric and then used the stamped fabric as my foundation for piecing. This fabric was left in place when the patchwork was pieced and then the blocks were pieced.

However with the advent of technology there is now available foundation piecing software that allows one to choose the design and size of a block and then print this on tearaway which is then stitched over, being removed once the block is stitched. This technique guarantees perfect patchwork piecing no matter how intricate the design might be!

It is virtually "stitch by number" as the foundation piecing allows the fabrics (not cut to any shape) to be simply placed over sequentially numbered patchwork shapes on a foundation block. You then easily stitch on the marked lines and follow the numbered sequence, cutting the fabrics back to a 1/4in seam as you stitch.

Foundation/paper piecing is as simple as:
1.Place the fabric
2.Stitch the fabric
3.Cut the 1/4in seam allowance
4.Flip the fabric and mini-iron it

Simon has made this technique so easy for you by creating his Piece De R'sistance piecing and quilting in the hoop technique. Not only is the patchwork piecing all done in the hoop but the block is then quilted in the hoop also, with a built-in stitch cutting line - you will just love this technique.

Jenny Haskins Piece de Resistance Quilt


The COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS and ALL EMBROIDERY DESIGNS needed to make the Piece de Resistance Quilt are included on the CD.