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Floriani Spring Fever Thread Set

Floriani Spring Fever Thread Set

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Floriani Spring Fever Set

Floriani Spring Fever Set

Add a splash of color into your spring and summer projects with our Spring Fever Set! These 25 spools of Floriani Polyester Embroidery thread are perfect for bringing vitality and warmth to your seasonal embroidery! To add to the fun, we are also including a FREE Floriani Design Collection, filled with warm spring imagery that uses each color from this amazing thread set!

PF0083 Raspberry Rhapsody PF0083 Raspberry Rhapsody  PF0542 Cockatoo   PF0542 Cockatoo
PF0100 Oyster PF0100 Oyster PF0561 Old Ivory   PF0561 Old Ivory
PF0104 Rosetta PF0104 Rosetta F0702 Fire Engine Red   PF0702 Fire Engine Red
PF0116 Peach Blossom PF0116 Peach Blossom PF0703 Ruby Red   PF0703 Ruby Red
PF0125 Bright Pink PF0125 Bright Pink PF0739 Cleveland   PF0739 Cleveland
PF0128  Scorching Pink PF0128 Scorching Pink PF0741 Pottery Buff   PF0741 Pottery Buff
PF0129 Deep Pink PF0129 Deep Pink PF0800 White   PF0800 White
PF0198 Wine PF0198 Wine PF0844 African Safari   PF0844 African Safari
PF0238 Olive Drab PF0238 Olive Drab PF0900 Black   PF0900 Black
PF0259 Grey Wool PF0259 Grey Wool PF3435 Deep Ocean   PF3435 Deep Ocean
PF02796 Granite PF0296 Granite PF3764 Parisian Blue   PF3764 Parisian Blue
PF0363 Twinkle Blue PF0363 Twinkle Blue PFPY40 Pink Passion   PFPY40 Pink Passion
PF0524 Old Athletic Gold PF0524 Old Athletic Gold