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Floriani Green Threadset with FREE Threadbox!

Floriani Green Threadset with FREE Threadbox!

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Floriani 30 Spool sets of Color Themed Polyester Thread - Green

Do your spring projects require a more specific color scheme? Then specialize with these 4 sets of 30 spool polyester, each focusing on different color theme to cover whatever spring or floral arrangement may be required. Like the Ten Year Anniversary Spring Thread Collection, these sets will be priced $99.99 during this promotion!

Instead of the free designs, customers who buy any of these 30 spool sets will receive the 30 spool storage thread box, normally with a $39.99 retail value, for FREE!

Floriani Thread Box Floriani Thread Set Spring Sale!

Floriani 100% Polyester Embroidery Thread has a beautiful sheen that is brighter than most rayon’s, and yet it has all the strengths of 100% polyester. It is manufactured with a tinsel strength designed to run smoothly on any machine including high speed commercial embroidery machines.

This set includes 30 beautiful Purple colors that are 40 Weight Polyester Threads and come in 1000m/1100yd Cones plus a FREE 30 Spool Thread Box!

    Color     Color
PF0013 Viridine Green PF0245 Woodland Green
PF0014 Milori Green PF0247 Ivy
PF0200 True Green PF0251 Neptune
PF0201 Seafrost PF0252 Spearmint
PF0203 Moss PF0253 Pale Green
PF0219 Green Mist PF0261 Mint
PF0220 Wintergreen PF0262 Nile
PF0222 Teal PF0263 Pale Jade
PF0223 Dark Teal PF0264 Medium Green
PF0228 Cape Green PF0265 Dinosaur Green
PF0229 Lime PF0266 Emerald Green
PF0231 Sour Apple PF0273 Key Lime
PF0233 Irish Green PF0275 Mineral Green
PF0243 Winter Spring PF0291 Seafoam
PF0244 Celery PF0292 Peppermint