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Home Sweet Home Thread Set & Designs

Home Sweet Home Thread Set & Designs

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Home Sweet Home Design Collection

These 15 cute cottage designs come with 30 spools of beautiful Floriani 1000m thread. Use these for adorable and personalized housewarming gifts ALL year round! An INCREDIBLE value!

Floriani Home Sweet Home

Threads included:

PF0103 Pink   PF0369 Blue Frost
PF0105 Laurel Pink   PF0370 Mint Julep
PF0129 Deep Pink   PF0370 Mint Julep
PF0143 Dark Coral   PF0385 Niagra
PF0145 Rust   PF0462 Medium Grey
PF0184 Salmon   PF0488 Dark Gray
PF0229 Lime   PF0501 Chrome Lemon
PF0229 Lime   PF0533 Apricot
PF0231 Sour Apple   PF0672 Amethyst
PF0232 Spring Green   PF0673 Lavendar
PF0233 Irish Green   PF0675 Luxury
PF0236 Ashen Green   PF0815 Deep Clay
PF0237 Bean Green   PF0900 Black
PF0238 Olive Drab   PF0900 Black
PF0265 Dinosaur Green   PF4251 Medium Gray