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Floriani Fun Fall Design Collection

Floriani Fun Fall Design Collection

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Fun Fall Design Collection

Featuring 10 festive autumn-themed designs! This collection comes with 30 spools, including 20 Floriani spools featuring some of the colors you’ll need for these creations!

In addition to those 20 colors, this set also includes fall-themed colors taken from the new colors added to the Floriani line this year, giving you a 30-spool set to tackle any fall project!

Floriani Fun Fall Collection
As a BONUS, this set includes a pack of five Floriani Chrome Needles (90/14 Embroidery)!
Floriani Chrome Needles
Includes the following colors (*indicates Floriani new 30 threads color)
PF0015 Incandescent Orange PF0015 Incandescent Orange* PF0523 Goldenrod PF0523 Goldenrod
PF0172 Orange PF0172 Orange PF0524 Old Athletic Gold PF0524 Old Athletic Gold
PF0173 Wildflower PF0173 Wildflower* PF0526 Bijou PF0526 Bijou
PF0190 CScarlet PF0190 Scarlet PF0534 Pumpkin PF0534 Pumpkin
PF0193 Cherry PF0193 Cherry* PF0537 Carrot PF0537 Carrot
PF0197 Black Cherry PF0197 Black Cherry* PF0544 Amber Yellow PF0544 Amber Yellow
PF0237 Bean Green PF0237 Bean Green PF0546 Snapdragon PF0546 Snapdragon
PF0246 Summer Green PF0246 Summer Green* PF0561 Old Ivory PF0561 Old Ivory
PF0273 Key Lime PF0273 Key Lime PF0715 Jamoca PF0715 Jamoca
PF0275 Mineral Green PF0275 Mineral Green PF0745 Harvest Brown PF0745 Harvest Brown
PF0276 Royal Sage PF0276 Royal Sage* PF0846 Green Brown PF0846 Green Brown*
PF0456 Chateau Dark Grey PF0456 Chateau Dark Grey* PF2016 Oregano PF2016 Oregano*
PF0485 Grey PF0485 Grey PF4575 Ash Gray PF4575 Ash Gray *
PF0512 Jasmine PF0512 Jasmine PF0800 Pure White PF0800 Pure White
PF0514 Golden Glow PF0514 Golden Glow PF0900 Black PF0900 Black