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Two Brand New Thread Storage Boxes filled with 60 Floriani Thread Colors + FREE Shipping!

Two Brand New Thread Storage Boxes filled with 60 Floriani Thread Colors + FREE Shipping!

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Shipping Weight:  12.00 pounds


60 Floriani Thread Colors with 2 FREE Storage Boxes

If you love the sheen and strength of Floriani thread ... you MUST HAVE our new 60 colors for your collection. This collection includes fabulous colors including vibrant blues, reds, greens as well as our highly anticipated NEW FLESH TONES!

Or, you can choose any 60 of Floriani's 360 thread colors to create your own thread bundle!

The following are the 60 new thread colors available:

Oyster   PF0100 Lt Pink   PF1510
Medium Purple   PF0139 Light Bronze   PF1514
Shell   PF0151 Shrimp   PF1545
Dusty Rose   PF0153 Rose Dust   PF1608
Rosewater   PF0161 Intense Maroon   PF1609
Russet   PF0195 Orchid Ice   PF1898
Chocolate   PF0199 Dark Grey/Green   PF2417
Mitchell Green   PF0249 Medium Green/Blue   PF3103
Grey Wool   PF0259 Blue Dusk   PF3335
Granite   PF0296 Pretty Blue   PF3433
Dark Army Green   PF0298 Deep Ocean   PF3435
Imperial Blue   PF0306 Wonder Blue   PF3657
Moderate Blue   PF0352 Blue Hint   PF3761
Pale Sterling Grey   PF0433 Baby Blue   PF3763
Medium Grey   PF0461 Parisian Blue   PF3764
Medium Grey   PF0462 Cosmic Sky   PF3871
Pale Peach   PF0571 Dusty Navy   PF3877
Orange   PF0578 Dark Navy   PF3878
Shell   PF0591 Medium Grey   PF4251
Pale Orange   PF0594 Light Pink   PF4321
Apricot   PF0595 Dark Grey/Blue   PF4352
Viola   PF0600 Charcoal   PF4613
Cadet   PF0633 Light Pink   PF6001
Mulled Grape   PF0634 Ocean Blue   PF6351
Haze   PF0652 Steel   PF6354
Turtledove   PF0720 Light Brown   PF6502
Amber Beige   PF0778 Gun Metal Grey   PF6504
Dark Grey   PF0779 Dark Purple   PF6657
Nude Gold   PF0809 Medium Brown   PF7983
Pink Mist   PF1020 Brown Stone   PF7986